co2 laser cutting machine for Wood and nonmetal

co2 laser cutting machine for Wood and nonmetal

Co2 laser cutting machine for Wood and nonmetal

Product Feature 

CO2 single head laser engraving and cutting machine series adopts international advanced DSP control technology, they have the high speed, high cutting accuracy and high stability, the quality and price ratio is very high. The main system can be commanded by U-disk without PC connection. It has the functions of imitative cutting, color separating cutting, non-stop cutting once off power, etc.

Mechanical Design

Adopting the imported lens and mirrors on optical system to ensure long lifetime of laser tube and high cutting efficiency.

Applicable Industry 

Engraving and cutting of paper, fabric, plastic, nonwoven cloth in garment and toy industries, also inclusive of precise cutting to non-metal materials, like acrylic and MDF board in handbag, glove, mold, advertisements, decoration, electrical appliance and plastic industries. 

Applicable Material

Woodwork, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, resin, acrylic, woolens, plastic, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade, bamboo and other non-metal materials.

Technical Data:

Laser TypeCO2 laser
Laser Power130W
Engraving Speed0-64m/m
Cutting Speed0-36m/m
Repeat Accuracy±0.05mm
Moving SystemCNC control system
Cooling ModeWater-cooling and protection system
Overall Power Consumption≤1250w
Working Voltage220±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Operating Temperature0~45ºC
Operating Humidity5%-95%
Controlling SoftwareRuida Control Card
Working Area1300mmX900mm
Package Dimension2000mmX1600mmX1270mm

Sample Show


1.We will send the machine in 15 working days to your named seaport or addresses.    

2.We will arrange telex release for you or send original BL to you for customs clearance.   

3.For shipping purpose, please tell us your phone number and detailed contact information after you confirm the order.

Payment terms:

1.We accept TT and LC, if you want to use other way, please advise us.    

2.We will start to prepare your order after you make the payment.

After-sales Services:

If you meet any problem or have any question about the machine and software, please feel free to contact us, we will help you to solve the problems as soon as possible.


1.The warranty of the whole machine is one year, the warranty of laser tube, mirror and lens is six months.    

2.Laser tube, lens and mirror, in six months we will send you free replacement.    

3.Other parts, in one years we will send you free replacement.    

4.Mirror and lens, we will send you extra one lens and two mirrors for free with machine.    

5.Beyond the date of warranty, we will charge you the replacements. 

6.The warranty is dated from the date you received the machine. 

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