Laser marking/engraving machine can be used for different types of metal!

Mar. 25,2020

The types of metals that a laser engraver can be used on are as varied as its applications. 

A metal laser marker can be used to make permanent marks on stainless steel, soft metals, hardened metals, alloys, titanium, titanium alloys, brass, copper, carbides, high-speed steels, aluminium, anodised aluminium, coated metals, and precious metals such as silver and gold. 

With the right equipment and experienced operator at the helm, switching over from one metal to another will be as simple as changing laser parameters on the accompanying software.In contrast to more traditional methods of marking, a the machine does not require consumables such as inks, chemicals, or pastes. 

The handling and disposal of these consumables will be one less thing to worry about, allowing businesses to focus on more important things.Metals that are etched using lasers do not have to undergo any pre or post-treatment. 

Coupled with the speed with which a laser machine works without the need for tool changes, a laser marker effectively completes the job faster and with less effort.Being an almost fully automated piece of equipment, the laser system delivers a consistent quality of results all the time. The resolution that laser marking can achieve is extremely small, allowing for the smallest shapes and text to be engraved accurately and legibly. 

Laser marking provides practically unlimited design opportunities. With the right materials, a metal engraving machine can even produce coloured laser markings. 

Laser marking is a non-contact technology, meaning that the material being marked does not need to undergo undue stress. 

There is no need to fix the materials to the engraving platform, so items can be shuffled in and out quickly, saving up on precious production time. The absence of any physical force on the item due to engraving and clamping lessens the chances of rejects due to secondary damage, ultimately leading to cost savings for the company.

Laser marking/engraving machine can be used for different ty


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